Extra heavy waste...

Heavy loads of mainly dense materials like soil, rubble, concrete, bricks, tiles or wet wood are charged by weight, regardless of volume. Our trucks have digital scales to weigh your load onsite.

The weight rate for heavy waste is the equivalent of £25 per one cubic yard or 60 kg. For example, heavy waste weighing 1,000 kg would be charged as 12 cubic yards even if it took up only 6 cubic yards of space.

As a guide, rubble, soil and concrete weigh around 250 kg to 500 kg per cubic yard. A bag of rubble bagged correctly should weigh around 25-30 kg, meaning 33 to 40 bags of rubble weigh around 1,000 kg. (Note: bulky office and household items weigh around 60 kg per cubic yard and refurbishment and DIY waste like old kitchens & bathrooms weighs 100 kg per cubic yard.)