All prices are inclusive and include the facility, manpower and the recycling/disposal costs.

Items for collection must be in a dry condition unless otherwise agreed. Where items are being removed from within a property they should not be obstructed by narrow passageways or awkward turns and must be able to pass through any door openings easily. Mattresses: Before a mattress can be removed it must be fully covered with a clean removal mattress bag.

Time allowance on site. Single item 10 minutes. 2 items 15 minutes. Other time is dependant on job requirements and we will let you know this when booking.

Any extra time spent on site will be charged in 15 minute increments at £23.50 per increment. Unless extra clearance time has already been booked for the job already being done.

Weight allowed and included in the price guide. Up to 3 yd3, , 100kg. 3 yd3 to 10 yd3 is 250 kg. The 12 and 14 yd3 weight allowance is 500 kg. Other weight supplements between 251 kg and 500 kg are +£62.00 and between 501 kg and 1,000 kg are +£62.00.